Sunday, November 29, 2009

1.0.00 finally out

I meant to create a Release Candidate but I was too busy with something else, so I'm just doing the final 1.0.00.

Very little has changed since, mostly wording to reflect that the program is no longer in beta, as no bugs have been reported in a long while (well, except for a crash that I was notified about by mail, but there was no follow-up.)

One small change since is that you can now copy to the clipboard images from ID3V2 tags. This is done by pressing CTRL+C when viewing full-size images in the tag editor or in "Tag details" in the main window. This feature isn't perfect. For some reason in Windows 7 Paint works OK, but GIMP fails to paste the images. I'll investigate some more if anybody cares about this.

In case Linux users accessing the repositories at openSUSE Build Service missed it last time, I'll say it again: the repositories have changed. The old ones no longer have up-to-date builds, so please go to the main download page and see where the new repositories are located. Note that you might have to uninstall the program first, as some distributions / versions only allow upgrades from the repository that was used to install a package initially.

Note for packagers: MP3 Diags has a feature that detects when new versions are available at SourceForge. You may remove this feature by uncommenting the line #DEFINES += DISABLE_CHECK_FOR_UPDATES at the end of src/

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