Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playing with the link options

It turns out that static linking is trickier than I thought: either the mt.a library doesn't exist although the non-mt is there, or it's in a different package. On top of that, although with Boost 1.33 the size of the binary increases by less than 2%, the increase nears 10% for 1.37.

So I'm reverting to dynamic linking by default. I'll change to better figure out what's available, but that's in the future. For now, I replaced the source archives with ones that do dynamic linking, so the build can proceed as before for those who build from source.

Those who use binaries shouldn't be affected. Whatever was built is OK (Windows, Ubuntu 9.04, Fedora 11, Debian 5) and I'll fix the openSUSE 11.1 builds, which failed.

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