Sunday, August 28, 2011

Discogs fixes

Getting album info from Discogs stopped working some time in the past few weeks, because Discogs changed their API. MP3 Diags 1.1.08 addresses this issue by making its own changes to match Discogs. I will quite likely backport this change to the 1.0, stable branch as well. There will be yet another, more radical change later this year.

There are 2 rather minor bug fixes as well:
  • When using Discogs, track numbers for multi-volume albums are now (arguably) correct

  • Shell integration on Linux now accepts file and folder names containing spaces

Another change concerns the close buttons for dialogs under Gnome 3. Now most of the dialogs have close buttons. I might go back on this, as it seems that there should be no close buttons in Gnome 3, but I'd have to revisit all dialogs, to make sure they can be closed with the mouse.

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