Saturday, July 30, 2016

New versions - 1.2.03 and 1.3.04

There are new releases available, but not a whole lot has happened, at least in the unstable branch.

The arguably most important thing is that the code compiles now with GCC 6.

Then, as usual, the stable branch gets whatever was new in the previous unstable one while the unstable one gets a few small features and bug fixes, including:
  • There are now retries when a file read fails, which is supposed to help with crashes that happened to some users when using external (USB, network, ...) drives. Since I was never able to reproduce this, I'm not too confident that it will actually help
  • The non-ASCII file names when running mp3gain should show correctly on Linux systems
  • There's a new transformation: "Remove Xing or LAME streams from CBR files"
  • The "Sessions" button is always shown if there are more than 1 sessions