Saturday, July 30, 2016

New versions - 1.2.03 and 1.3.04

There are new releases available, but not a whole lot has happened, at least in the unstable branch.

The arguably most important thing is that the code compiles now with GCC 6.

Then, as usual, the stable branch gets whatever was new in the previous unstable one while the unstable one gets a few small features and bug fixes, including:
  • There are now retries when a file read fails, which is supposed to help with crashes that happened to some users when using external (USB, network, ...) drives. Since I was never able to reproduce this, I'm not too confident that it will actually help
  • The non-ASCII file names when running mp3gain should show correctly on Linux systems
  • There's a new transformation: "Remove Xing or LAME streams from CBR files"
  • The "Sessions" button is always shown if there are more than 1 sessions

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Versions 1.2.02 and 1.3.03 released

New stable and unstable builds are available, but there isn't that much to say about them, especially about the stable one, 1.2.02.

1.2.02 simply got into the stable branch all the changes from 1.3.01, which are a few bug fixes that didn't affect most users, plus the acknowledgment that Discogs integration no longer works, so it got disabled.

Unstable version 1.3.03 has a few changes that may be more important:
  • Some error messages during / after crashes should make more sense
  • An additional cache is included in the hope of helping with speed (and maybe errors) when scanning external drives. As I don't have hardware that exhibits this issue, I don't know if it actually does any good. Perhaps reports from users will clear this up.
  • VBR files whose Xing/LAME headers incorrectly include themselves in the frame count are now treated differently, and they don't get deleted by "Repair VBR data". The reason is that such headers don't usually cause problems, even if they are wrong, and may contain useful information (like gapless play details) which until now got discarded by "Repair VBR data".

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Crash fix and Discogs integration disabled in 1.3.01

Due to Discogs API removing its XML interface and switching to a JSON-only format, MP3 Diags can no longer access Discogs. This integration will have to be rewritten. Until then, the button that was supposed to call Discogs is disabled, so users no longer try to access it only to see it fail.

There is also a fix for crash that occurred when trying to save very small images (containing just several pixels) in the tag editor.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Note to packagers about translations

One thing I didn't mention in my previous post was that translations are available in the binaries that I provide but some changes may be needed when building binaries without using or You should call to create some .qm files, then copy them somewhere the program can find, probably /usr/share/mp3diags/translations.

If the binary is in a folder <bin_folder>, the programs looks for translations in <bin_folder> and in <bin_folder>/../share/mp3diags/translations

Friday, January 17, 2014

Release candidate promoted to Stable

Finally got around to make 1.2.x the "stable" release, with 1.2.01 being the first version in this series.

For those using the "unstable" branch, this means nothing, but for the rest this replaces what was in 1.0.x.

Among the changes from 1.0:
  • there are translations in Czech, French, and German
  • "shell integration" allows right-clicking on a folder in a file explorer and have that folder open in MP3 Diags
  • you can use "external tools" to open a file or more with some external program from within MP3 Diags
  • a CLI mode is now available, where you can see notes and apply transformations to arbitrary groups of files and folders
  • some bug fixes
While 1.2.01 was supposed to be a direct copy of 1.2.00, I had to get rid of "unstable" in naming, and hopefully that didn't mess up anything. I also included the latest changes to the documentation (see here) and a few changes to make the program compilable with clang.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some minor fixes in 1.3.00 (unstable)

I couldn't yet find the time to move the 1.2.00 release candidate to the stable branch, but it should happen shortly. Until then, there's a new 1.3.00 unstable which includes a few minor fixes, most notably the project can now be built unchanged with clang(at least on openSUSE 13.1)

Then there is more logging and retrying to help deal with an old and mysterious error that manifests in a random inability to write to files, although there is space on the disk and the user has permissions to write.

Also, I changed a bit the output when using the CLI: now the offset of notes is listed, and the notes are sorted by the offset.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Release Candidate

Since there weren't many complaints lately, I'm going to assume that the current unstable branch is actually quite stable, so I bumped the version number to 1.2.00, while only doing a small internal change.

It should be considered as a release candidate for the stable branch. If no new bugs get reported, this will probably become version 1.2.00.a (I'll go over the new idea for version numbers in a future post.)

So if you're currently using MP3 Diags, now it might be a good idea to try out version 1.2.00 to see if it works for you.