Monday, May 25, 2009

Better font handling

I noticed that most fonts don't work very well in Ubuntu 9.04 (well, I tend to suspect Qt 4.5.0 as being the main culprit), so I implemented a workaround / fix. Some other minor UI tweaks are found in as well.


  1. I like the program, It would be nice to be able to wipe or rewrite comments in the v1 tags. EAC puts comments in about how wonderful it is, and some of my older albums were done using this tool. I'd like to remove that comment since Amarok will display them sometimes which is annoying. :0

    Perhaps a group write/wipe for all comments.

    Nice program keep up the good work.

  2. A group write/wipe for all comments isn't technically hard to do, but I'd rather not write to ID3V1. What seems better to me is to just erase the ID3V1 (you can transfer your data to V2 first, and this transfer ignores the comments.) Currently you can remove ID3V1 only from one file at a time, though, but I'm more willing to implement something that removes V1 from a group of files.

    Anyway, is there a good reason to have ID3V1 tags when you already have the same data in an ID3V2?