Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fixed potential random crash

Somebody wrote to me a few days ago to complain about random crashes at startup. I asked for some system details but never heard back. Since this is the second time such a thing happens, I'm beginning to wonder if somehow messages get lost (yes, I carefully checked my "spam" folder.)

Anyway, since I didn't have any crash in a long time, and when I did it was reproducible and I quickly implemented a fix, I really didn't know what might cause his issues or how to fix them. However, today I came to realize that most Linux distributions ship both a single-threaded and a multi-threaded version of Boost Serialization. I thought the single-threaded variants were discarded long ago, but apparently that's not the case. But because I'm using openSUSE (which doesn't have the single-threaded variant), I didn't realize other distributions still have it. I knew this same issue caused crashes on Windows, but, since nobody reported crashes on Linux before, I didn't realize I should investigate more seriously the threading model.

Well, version always uses the multi-threaded library, so hopefully the random crashes are gone. ( is pretty much the same, just that the sources are easier to compile.)


Other changes include an improved assert dialog (now you can copy the data to the clipboard and even send mail from it) and warnings in some cases when a downloaded image would be lost (one case is still not covered, but I hope I will have a look soon.)

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