Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Windows crash (hopefully) fixed + more

I wrote previously here about mysterious random crashes of the Windows version and how they seemed to go away for no good reason. Apparently they never disappeared, as I found out earlier today, while playing with Windows 7 RC.

Unlike the previous times, I was able to identify something that was wrong with the program (well, not the actual program but some library that it uses) and then I fixed the issue and uploaded version Random errors being, er, random, I'm not sure that the issue is gone, but at least I have a reason to hope. Of course, it would be nice to get some feedback from some of those who downloaded the program.

For this version the setup program got a more modern look, and it's now possible to launch MP3 Diags from the last page of the install dialog.

Since I just tested Windows 7, I'm happy to report that MP3 Diags installs OK and looks pretty good on the next Windows.

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