Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting close to feature complete

I just uploaded version With it, most of the features that were planned for version 1.0 are implemented. What remains are several cosmetic changes and perhaps bug fixes, to the extent that I know about them and I can reproduce them.

There are many changes from the previous release, so here's the rather long list of what's new / different:

There is a new download option, meant mainly for packagers: a source+doc bundle. See the download page for the actual link.

For users with slower computers (like myself) the biggest improvement is an option to save from the tag editor much faster than before. This option has to be enabled manually and it works best if a new transformation called "Reserve space in ID3V2 for fast tag editing" is run before going to the tag editor. After doing the tag editing, it is a good idea to run "Remove extra space from ID3V2".

There are several Windows-specific changes: 1) now the backslash is used as the file separator, making the program look more "native"; 2) if you "copy" a JPG or PNG file in Windows Explorer, you can paste it to the tag editor; 3) the normalization dialog shows the progress correctly.

Previously the file renamer opened with its file list being the current album. Now it can open with whatever you have visible in the main window. You have to keep the CTRL key pressed when clicking on the button if you want this kind of behavior.

A new tab was added to the configuration dialog where you can choose which transformations should be visible in the transformations menu. Now some are hidden by default - basically those that I don't expect many people to use.

There's a new transformation for keeping a single image, as front cover.

There's a new transformation for removing ID3V1 tags.

There's a new button for erasing image files from the tag editor.

It is now possible to configure the maximum image size (pasting images larger than that size recompresses them.)

Improved paste in tag editor: it is possible to paste to multiple cells or to paste file names copied from file browsers.

Tooltips are shown for the transformations menu.

There are also several minor bug fixes, which are described in the changelog on the web site.

On the negative side, the documentation still needs to be updated, so for now the new features are only described in this post.

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