Saturday, July 18, 2009

MP3 Diags available

For Windows users the big news is that now the program can handle files with non-ASCII names.

Other changes:

- The tag editor looks at the filter when going to the next / previous album.

- USLT Lyrics inside ID3V2 are shown in the "tag details" area.

- Support for "F1 help" was added. Pressing F1 in most windows will open the documentation page that best matches that window. The pages are loaded from SourceForge if they are not found locally. For now the directories that are checked are /usr/share/mp3diags-doc/html and /usr/share/doc/mp3diags/html


  1. Hey, two suggestions here:

    1. Could you please add checking for the documentation also in /usr/share/doc/mp3diags-${APP_VERSION}/html? Like e.g. /usr/share/doc/mp3diags- Some systems (like Gentoo) use the ${APP_NAME}-${APP_VERSION} scheme for the documentation directory.

    2. Since you provide the help feature (which is very nice btw), wouldn't it be nice to provide also the documentation within the source package? Your application doesn't require the internet connection to work, so maybe it's a good idea to provide a documentation locally to not depend on the network at all. Then, if you want, you can create separate packages with the documenation by modifying control/spec files for debs/rpms. And I can add an optional doc flag to the Gentoo ebuild :)

    Let me know what you think about it.


  2. 1. I'll add the version.

    2. I'm reluctant to combine the documentation with the sources because it more than doubles the size of the packages for very little gain. What I mean by this is that people just don't read documentation, even the heavy users. I know this based on page view statistics and on the questions that I get.

    Also, depending on what you do, the web may be sort of needed. Usually it's a lot easier to change track info in the tag editor if you are online.

    There is an issue with the web help being for a newer version than what the user has, but functionally speaking the current release is nearing completion, so the differences would not matter much.

    Well, I feel bad about saddling openSUSE (which currently builds 22 RPMs and DEBs, for various versions of several distributions) and SourceForge (which seems to have significant performance issues) with the extra bandwidth that documentation requires, especially as I know how seldom it is used.

    However, this is something that should work: starting from the next version I'll add an MP3Diags_Src+Doc at my ISP. (I used that initially, before switching to SourceForge, and I thought it was OK.)

  3. I see your point, anyway - the solution you provide at the moment is good. Thanks for the changes, the ebuild for is already available.

    And yes, you're right, sourceforge has performance problems for sure. Your ISP works a lot faster :P