Wednesday, August 19, 2009 available

There's a new version ready for download. There are only rather minor changes from the last one, like adding a crash detector (which encourages the users to report crashes when the application is restarted, if it seems that it wasn't shut down properly) or fixing a bug in the selection of multiple cells in the tag editor.

Another change is using a busy / hourglass cursor when closing the normalization, in the hope that this will signal the users that the program isn't frozen even if it appears so. Sometimes (quite rarely) MP3 Diags loses its link to the normalization program and thinks the normalization is still running when it actually finished. If that happens, MP3 Diags looks frozen, but there's a timeout of less than 1 minute, after which it works fine. While I'm investigating the reason for this and a possible fix, the new cursor should provide a hint that the program will resume responding.

Yet another minor change is that now the content of GEOB frames in ID3V2 is shown when displaying the "File details".

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