Monday, August 24, 2009

Trying to deal with the Windows crashes

Last Friday the number of web site views and downloads increased dramatically as a result of reviews on several popular sites, most notable

However, as Windows users started to install the program, reports of mostly random crashes began to show up on the issue tracker. There are 2 things that make it hard to deal with them:
1) I don't get any crashes on my computer.
2) Most of those who report the crashes don't respond to my questions, so I have no idea what might have caused them.

So now version is trying to tackle this issue. Changes related to this:

1) Improved the crash detector and added a rudimentary trace / log, so some files will hopefully tell what the program was doing at the time of the crash.

2) Switched to a newer Qt and compiler; while I'm curious to learn if this makes any difference, what really made me do this switch was what looks like a compiler bug in the previous MinGW version.

Other changes:

- Sometimes in Windows XP SP3 (and perhaps others) letters would be shown as little rectangles, making the program unusable. This should be fixed. (At least I tested the new version on a friend's computer and it worked fine, while the previous ones showed rectangles.)

- Track info is now read from Lyrics3 V2 streams (but for now the image names and the INF fields are ignored.)


Since this is more of an "emergency" release to deal with Windows issues, I'd recommend Linux users to stay on unless they really care about Lyrics.

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