Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally possible to fix issues by right-clicking

I guess the biggest improvement in is that now you can right-click on a note to get several suggested fixes. This is still a work in progress, and it will remain so for a while, because there are significant issues in trying to get it right. There are 2 things that may happen although they shouldn't:

1) The popup doesn't contain all the transformations that could make a note disappear.
2) Even is a transformation can make a note disappear, you don't see that as a fix. One example would be the option to remove a stream, which is probably considered OK by many if that is a Null stream and by few if that stream is ID3V2.

Because notes are related to one another in many cases, fixing one note might make another note disappear as well. So another difficulty in getting this feature right is that in some cases other streams in the file have to be examined, besides the one containing the note.

Besides right-clicking on a note of a particular file, you can also right-click on a column header. Then you can apply the changes to all the files (or only to the selected files if you keep SHIFT pressed or make the selection with the right button.)

Well, have a look and then add any comments that you may have issue #4.

Another change is that now UTF-8 strings in ID3V2.3.0 no longer make the tag invalid, but merely create a note. This addresses issue #18 According to the standard, ID3V2.3.0 doesn't allow UTF-8, but some tools apparently use it anyway. You need to rescan your files with the "de" error note to see if they are now recognized.

There was an assertion failure reported twice, last time as issue #35. I didn't get any sample file, so I'm not 100% sure that I identified the cause, but I think this to be fixed now.

For the Windows users who wanted to compile the project under Visual Studio: it is finally possible to do it. Sebastian Schuberth (a.k.a. eyebex) spent some time creating a CMake project and then making the code compilable by VS. So you can now have CMake generate a VS project. You can read a little more about this in the download page.

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