Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Various artists", exports & more

There are plenty of changes in, and chances are that some new bugs have been introduced as well. So it might be a good idea to pay extra attention to what the program is doing. Well ...

It is now possible to handle "various artists" albums so they are shown correctly in Windows Media Player, iTunes, and programs that are compatible with them. At least that's how it should work. I use neither of these, so I only tested the implementation against some informal specifications.

Until now a single picture per file was shown. This has changed in both the tag editor and the "Tag details" area in the main window. The latter was restructured completely, so it looks slightly different than before. It also may contain more information now, because I just fixed a bug that could result in truncated data.

Patterns in the tag editor can now be enabled and disabled, so fewer columns are shown in the "current file" table. (BTW, I still wonder if anybody else is using them. I found them quite useful.)

There was an "export to text file" button in the debug dialog. This got extended and moved. Now the export feature has a dedicated button and besides the export as plain text (mostly for direct human consumption), it is possible to export as XML or as M3U.

I didn't update the documentation yet, so using the new features is a process of discovery. The main point is that to get the export or the "various artists" working, they need to be enabled first in the Configuration dialog (in the ever more crowded "Others" tab.)

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