Monday, September 7, 2009

Various improvements and fixes in

Version has a bunch of rather minor improvements (well, some are major for those who really need them.)

There were a couple of complaints about mp3gain not working, although it was working for me. It turns out that the reason was that I had it in a directory without spaces. Now it should also work from directories containing spaces.

There's been some confusion about how how to set up the .ini file that is used to store the settings (the answer being that you don't do it.) That led me to add tooltips and more details error messages. The last change involves generating the name automatically. This might annoy a bit those using multiple sessions, but I'm not aware of anybody besides me using them, so it's probably OK.

There was a hard-coded list with "invalid" characters, which the file renamer would replace with underscores. Now both the list and the replacement string are configurable.

There is a new option to have the program automatically notify you about updates. It can be turned off.

Web queries to MusicBrainz and Discogs now remove non-alphanumeric characters, which seems to result in better matches.

The tag editor places at the end of the list those tracks without a track number.

When choosing which directories to scan in Windows, drive labels are now shown.

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  1. dude, thank you x 1000. i've been wanting this exact program for years. i keep my songs pretty organized, just as i did with my records, but some programs do good at some things and some at others. and i have always actually wanted to look inside the mp3 and see what's up. like one of my pet peeves is comments. i only want comments i make. and some sneaky people will put a comment in an id3v1 tag which makes it a pain to get rid of.

    i just had to thank you, but i gotta go play with my new toy!