Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Linux generic binaries + code freeze

The most visible change in is that the file settings have been restructured. The old plethora of options are still available when clicking on "Full view", but the default is to use a much simpler configuration.

There was a crash condition triggered by empty text frames in ID3V2 tags. This is now fixed.

Starting with I'm trying to make it simpler for more people to get the latest version, by providing generic binaries, which are supposed to work on most recent Linux distributions. See this link. Since this is the first incarnation of the idea, there is probably room for improvement.

If these prove to work OK, the plan is to cut the number of Linux binaries that are built, with a single .rpm / .deb shared among all the platforms that can use it, containing one such generic executable. So it would be a good idea to let me know if they don't work.

And, finally, new features are unlikely to be added for a while. I'm trying to get a stable 1.0 release, so for now I'm only going to do bug fixes and perhaps add support for things that are currently not supported, if the changes can be kept isolated.

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