Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More generic packages in

Starting with the .deb and .rpm files are supposed to be more generic, so they can be shared among versions and / or distributions. There are some issues, though. As I write this, the Fedora 11 build failed, but I think I'll be able to fix it. Debian succeeded, so I expect Ubuntu to be fine as well. I'll post an update after I reach some conclusion. (The Windows version and the generic Linux binaries are already available, as they are not affected by this.)

Other changes:

As I was trying to check something, the folder filter caused a crash. It turns out it's an old bug. Since nobody reported this before, I guess this filter isn't used much. Well, I fixed it.

Another fix concerns a bug that caused some files to appear normalized even when they weren't. This led me to look more closely at how TXXX and text frames were handled and I noticed several issues, which I fixed (hopefully without introducing others.)

Finally, starting with this version, files with .Mp3 or .mP3 extensions are processed. (Until now there was a case-sensitive test, causing only files whose names ended with .mp3 or .MP3 to be processed.)

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