Saturday, November 7, 2009

New repositories

As several major Linux distributions release new versions this fall, I had to figure out what to do to support them. The solution was to make packages more generic, so they could be used on several versions of a distribution. As a result, instead of the "Ubuntu 8.10", "Ubuntu 9.04", and "Debian 5.0" repositories that were used before, there is now a single "Ubuntu" repository that takes care of all of them, and I expect it to work with Ubuntu 9.10 as well. Similar things happened for the other distributions and things are OK according to my tests; e.g. 1-Click Install on openSUSE seems to be working OK. If you notice that something doesn't work, though, please let me know about it.

Currently both the old repositories and the new ones contain version, but the plan is to switch to the new repositories starting with the next version. The download page is already changed to point to the new repositories.

Switching to the new repository might cause the MP3 files to be rescanned, due to a different serialization library. (There will just be an error message and when you press OK the rescan starts.)

Note for packagers: if you are using the debian.rules or MP3Diags.spec that I provide, you may want to patch them, to remove the STATIC_SER parameter that is passed to, thus linking Boost Serialization dynamically. (Currently these files haven't been changed in the source tarball, though, but the Subversion repository has been updated.)

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