Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shell integration in Linux

I just published version 1.1.07 of MP3 Diags Unstable, which brings shell integration to Linux. Unlike Windows, getting this to work on Linux is trickier, because of the diversity of desktop environments and file browsers. So I'd be really surprised if this worked for everybody, but the situation can improve over time.

The program finally gets a Close button on Gnome 3, which it didn't have thus far (at any rate, it does on my virtual installation, which uses fallback mode; I don't know if that matters). It also got minimize and maximize buttons in Gnome 2 and 3.

There are some changes which affect packaging - I renamed some files to reflect that they belong to the "unstable" branch, and I also restructured the .spec file, based on feedback that I received from an anonymous user a while ago. I didn't make everything lowercase, though, as that seemed too big of a change.

These changes are Linux-specific, so there's no reason to update if you use Windows.

At the time that I write this there are no binaries with the new version at openSUSE Build Service, whose build process seems down. I'll keep trying to get the binaries to build.

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