Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Discogs API and various fixes in 1.1.09

The API that was used until now by MP3 Diags is supposed to be turned off, so I switched to the new one for the Unstable branch. This is just about how the program works internally; the user experience shouldn't change. Discogs queries for the Stable branch will probably stop working in the immediate future, at which point I'm going to backport the changes from the Unstable branch, if that seems to work fine. My tests went OK, but they weren't very comprehensive, so it would be a good idea for anyone who finds issues with querying Discogs in both branches to let me know about it.

Other changes:
  • Copying song info from ID3V1 to ID3V2 no longer assumes Latin-1, but allows the user to specify a codepage
  • I fixed a crash caused by ID3V2.4 tags with invalid flags
  • A few other minor fixes


  1. Hi,
    I thought you should know that I found your program and saw the huge potential as it does exactly what I need it to do...
    Except for one thing. Scripting. :)
    I found the unstable branch but couldn't find enough documentation that explains it well enough for me. I tried a little bit, but didn't understand it well enough.

    My problem is this:
    We are joining Mp3 files together using the Windows copy /B File1+file2+file3 etc, and as you would know it stores all the extra header information.
    This presents problems, as WinAmp, Itunes, WMPlayer all report the incorrect length of the new mp3 file.

    I ran your program on this file and got rid of the "inner non-audio", and it worked great.

    The thing I was hoping for, was to be able to use your program and just run that command on a specific file.

    So basically, a commandline option, that would run like this so I could put it in a batch file:

    mp3diags -fixnonaudio file1.mp3 file1correct.mp3
    mp3diags -fixnonaudio file2.mp3 file2correct.mp3

    Or something similar...

    Are there any plans for this kind of simple command line usage?

  2. Feature requests should be made at the Issue Tracker. There are only several replies in a year here in the blog, and it may take a while for me to notice them.

    Anyway, there have been some discussions about scripting, but the interest in this is rather limited, as is my time. I might do it, but I don't have any concrete plan. I'll look again this year, though.

    If you are a programmer, it's not hard to change the program to do what you want, and I can help with that.

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  4. Stephen, version 1.1.12 has now a sort of scripting and it looks like it should allow you to do what you want - see this page. Since the program modifies the files in-place, you'd have to create a copy of your files somewhere and then change the copy.